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About us

SEO Cube:
The expertise and competences of Ivano Di Biasi and Giuseppe Liguori

I Fondatori della SEO Cube

SEO Cube S.r.l. company was born in May 2012 from the partnership of Ivano Di Biasi and Giuseppe Liguori that, as a result of a strong ten years experience in the Web world and a shared passion for programming and software development, decided to work together to offer consultancies and solutions for SEO strategies.

Within a few years, the agency made its mark on the digital scene acquiring both national and internationals commissions, with clients who favor the professionalism, reliability and passion devoted to any kind of job.

How to choose
the best SEO Agency?

SEO is a constantly evolving topic because equally ever-changing is Google itself, the main reference of the activity: for that, the secret of whoever works for our team at SEO Cube is to always stay up to date on techniques and methods to understand Google’s algorithms and get better result on ranking on search engines.

To us, it is more useful to actually work on the field, to genuinely challenge ourself and get to experiment rather than simply stand still and study the theories of alleged experts.

Services tailored on customer requirements

We never offer standard packages or generic consultancies: our whole activity starts from a meticulous analysis of the website in question in order to assess any possible issues, difficulties and growth potential, so to plan an effective enhancement strategy.

Our SEO Agency can manage and follow from up close every step and level of intervention on sites: websites development, marketing analysis in order to assess those contents generating the most traffic, on page contents optimization, planning of off page link building campaigns to create more profits. To this entire list of services we add up courses of professional training, specifically thought to answer the needs of companies, SEO consultants and beginner professionals wanting to improve their abilities on the field.

Servizi a misura del Cliente

Our SEO Agency departments

On page SEO optimizations

A team of experts with great “glance” skills, able to quickly detect any structural or content issues of a web site, provide the client with a report of all errors and study the strategies needed to enhance the site and achieve any business goal.

Link building

Theory and practice working together: on one hand, SEO experts setting the strategy, assessing which page to boost and the most effective anchor texts, and on the other SEO professionals and experienced journalists applying their indications to realize compelling, readable and useful articles both on the sites and readers’ perspective.

SEO Copywriting

An editorial staff full of web writing and content creation professionals, fully able to put together creativity and strategy in order to write articles on any kind of topic. Our SEO copywriters own high skills in web marketing and the broader SEO world and manage to write text in the most suitable way to please search engines and readers altogether.

Sites Development and Web Design

This is our department taking care of the development and design of websites, able to conceive and launch in the littlest amount of time layouts that are catchy and on a high user experience level, both from desktop and mobile. Our graphic designers work in close synergy with the Programming department in order to find the most flexible and suitable solutions for the modern Web, using the most innovative technologies to make sites more efficient.

Content Marketing

Contents are a pivotal factor to rank on search engines: the SEO Cube team taking care of the content marketing have all the competences to plan and manage SEO oriented editorial plans, write engaging articles, set editorial calendars comprehensive of elements such as seasonality, trends and competitors.


To always be updated on the Web is not a choice, but rather the only viable way to stay competitive: our trainers follow each and every evolution about SEO theories and tools to achieve better results, and succeed in teaching everyone all of the main tricks, secrets and basic suggestions to rank on Google and manage a website at its best.

La nostra filosofia...

“Il web è un mondo in continua evoluzione, e solo chi ha la pazienza e la curiosità di affrontarlo quotidianamente con lo spirito adatto può capire che non è una semplice vetrina, ma un potente mezzo da sfruttare nel modo giusto”
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