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Editorial Plan

Do you need to elaborate an editorial strategy to increase Google’s traffic toward your site? Rely on SEO Cube to support the management of your editorial plan and entrust our experience to discover new ideas for your portal’s contents.

Why you need an editorial plan

Why you need an editorial plan

In order to manage a blog, an editorial site or an online newspaper it is very important to plan everything in details.

Before going on with the article drafts it is crucial to have a clear editorial plan: this way it is possible to study a publishing strategy defining the operative procedures, goals to reach and target to turn to, so to then moving on to the actual realization of effective and reasoned contents.

Create an editorial plan with SEO Cube

Create an editorial plan with SEO Cube

A clear and careful planning is pivotal in order to have contents constantly bringing traffic over time.

Your site must have an editorial plan especially conceived to intercept traffic through Google and the study of the keywords, the market niche and more importantly of the user’s search intent: thanks to us you will have all the indications you need about the article structure, the contents and the right keywords to use.

Why contact SEO Cube for your editorial plan

Why contact SEO Cube for your editorial plan

Only a professionist will be able to develop the most effective and suitable strategy for your site.

Rely on the expertise of the SEO Cube team for the management of your editorial plan and the scheduling of your web portal’s contents.

Through an activity of analysis and research of keywords, we will supply you a document with all the indications to follow for the already planned publishings and, if you want, you could also count on our SEO Copywriting service.

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Editorial plans for online newspapers and blogs

Any editorial site or blog needs constant traffic toward its own contents coming from search engines.

Our service offers the creation and management of SEO editorial plans for informational sites, with articles fully able to intercept the biggest number of keywords.

Editorial plans for corporate blogs

More and more companies today are choosing to realize a content marketing strategy to promote their own brand.

One of the most widely used solutions is the corporate blog, offering two benefits at the same time: it allows to improve a brand awareness and, on a SEO perspective, to intercept keywords with informational intent. Our service then offers the creation and management of editorial plans for corporate blogs, with contents able to catch informational keywords and simultaneously boost the reputation of a brand.

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