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Are you currently using SEOZoom and would like to know in depth how it can really help you professionally?
Find out how to join SEOZoom Academy!

The course designed to learn
how to use SEOZoom

The course designed to learn
how to use SEOZoom

Today our platform’s tools are powerful allies on the improving of your online site’s performance.

If you would like to use each and every existing functionalities at their best, you can always sign up for one of the SEOZoom courses held by our Web Agency.

You will access a customized training plan leading you on the discover of the over 40 different SEO tools listed inside SEOZoom, with one-on-one lessons held by a certified and professional instructor, who will answer all of your possible questions and will teach you to use SEOZoom in order to optimize your strategy and make your business more higly-performing.

SEOZoom Academy

SEOZoom Academy

Our educational offer specific for the suite lands on the SEOZoom Academy, a platform specifically created to offer a tailored path of video tutorials, individual lessons with a dedicated trainer and free weekly webinars on the main tools and most relevant SEO topics.

You can choose to follow two separated programs:

  • Certified Professional is the path designed for those professionals seeking to unveil any details about SEOZoom so to use it on their projects at its best. The final exam will lead you to attain a true and proper Certification of the acquired competences.
  • If you would instead like to become SEOZoom partner and subsequently tutor yourself, you can always choose the Trainer Program, that will allow you to achieve a different kind of certification, attesting your competences and ability to hold your own courses on the platform for both students and staff.
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